Proyecto Escultura “Fuego Robado” y Bancas del Primer Año

De Casiopea

TítuloProyecto Escultura “Fuego Robado” y Bancas del Primer Año
Palabras ClaveEscultura
Carreras RelacionadasDiseño Gráfico, Diseño Industrial
«Fondo Escuela» no se encuentra en la lista (CORFO, FONDECYT, FONDEF, PUCV DII, PUCV DDCyF, PUCV Interno Escuela, FONDART, MECESUP, otro, CONICYT, ...) de valores permitidos de la propiedad «Fuente de Financiamiento».
LíneaForma y Expresión
ModalidadGrupal Escuela
Investigador ResponsableJosé Balcells
CoinvestigadoresJaime Reyes

This project, along with the tradition that we want to introduce, is about to make the sculpture “Fuego Robado” in the Open City. First it was built in Queilen, Chiloé, in 2008, now to be place in the top of the lands of the “Open City”. It is a revision of the design of this sculpture and its final construction in the facilities of the Open City. The journey [travesía] to Queilen, carried out by the students and professors of the 1st year architecture workshop, built the “La Plaza del Fuego”, a place to stroll, be, eat and contemplate, forming a shaft betwen two seas, designed by walkways, benches and fireplace. On this site was raise the sculpture “Fuego Robado” (Stolen Fire) by full filling in this way the poetics destinations of the site. Also, in the second trimester of 2008 those students built a few outdoor seats on the shaft drawn by architects Purcell and Sánchez in the top of the land of the “Open City”. This action will in some way advanced or put forward the necessary works for the following journey [travesía] to Queilen. The project, considering the significance of repeating the journey’s [travesía] sculptures, first wants to redesign and build the site that receive these seats-benches and thus consolidate an architectural relationship between the elements from that place. They are the sculpture “Adagio Cumplido” at the end of the cemetery, the “Hospedería del Megaterio”, the axis of the benches and the road. Thus giving to the site, in the same way as we did in Queilen with the “Plaza del Fuego” (Fire Square), its poetical destination with the location of the new version of the sculpture “Fuego Robado” (“Stolen Fire”).