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  • …reuzer del Institut für Philosophie de la Carl von Ossietzky Universität of Oldenburg, en Oldenburg, Alemania. El profesor Kreuzer respondió con entus …of Dortmund. The academic exchange in Germany has been developed based on the following activities:
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  • …ements in Western Patagonia; An Integrated Sea Farm for the Interior Seas of Region X …nderlying a fundamental fragility and imbalance in the relationship. As if the sea stubbornly declares,
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  • …ylor, "Fractal Geometry as Design Aid", School of Architecture, University of Maryland. USA. 2000</ref> Chan Min Yun. Fractal. An exploration and abstraction. Singapur: National University Singapore. 2011/2012.
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  • …ve=poética, moral, iommi, santidad de la obra, poetic, moral, sanctity of the work …de marzo de 1980. Translation of the transcription of the master class of the poet Godofredo Iommi M., March 1980
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  • |Título=Building Cultures Valparaiso …Clave=Pedagogy practice, poetry, the Valparaiso School of Architecture and Design
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