The Space of Design

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TítuloThe Space of Design
AutorHugh Dubberly
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NotaModels of the process of design are relatively common. (I have found about 150 such models, many of which are presented in How Do You Design?) Each describes a sequence of steps required to design something—or at least the steps that designers report or recommend taking. Models of the process of design are common because designers often need to explain what they do (or want to do) so that clients, colleagues, and students can understand. Less common are models of the domain of design—models describing the scope or nature of practice, research, or teaching. (I have found only about a dozen such models.) Such models may be useful for locating individual processes, projects, or approaches and comparing them to others. Such models also help clients, colleagues, and students understand alternatives and agree on where they are (or want to be) within a space of possibilities.