MediaFranca: Ubiquitous Computing for Youth Engagement

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TítuloMediaFranca: Ubiquitous Computing for Youth Engagement
AutorHerbert Spencer
CoautoresShelley Evenson, John Zimmerman
Tipo de PublicaciónActa de Seminario, Artículo en Revista Académica
EdiciónDPPI 2007
Páginas429 - 433
Área de InvestigaciónForma, Cultura y Tecnología
PDFArchivo:DPPI mediafranca.pdf
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Abstract: Networking technology strives for maximizing the possibilities of connection among people; however, communication technology also promotes atomistic individualism in narrow communities of interest. Today’s youths experience this paradox as the increasing emergence of mobile communication technology and networked devices contribute to a steady decline of social capital. This research explores opportunities for using ubiquitous computing and location-based media in order to develop design strategies for engaging young adults in the issues of their communities and providing them with a space where they can raise their voice.