Design as Learning-or "Knowledge Creation"-the SECI Model

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TítuloDesign as Learning-or "Knowledge Creation"-the SECI Model
AutorShelley Evenson, Hugh Dubberly
Tipo de PublicaciónArtículo en Revista de Divulgación
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NotaEditor’s Note:

In last year’s January + February issue Usman Haque, Paul Pangaro, and I described several types of interaction—reacting, regulating, learning, balancing, managing, and conversing. In the July + August 2009 issue, Paul Pangaro and I described several types of conversing—agreeing, learning, coordinating, and collaborating—and we proposed using models based on Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory as a guide for improving human-computer interaction. Peter Jones responded, noting that there are other models of conversation and prior work in bringing conversation to human-computer interaction in particular Winograd and Flores 1986 work with The Coordinator. We agree on the importance of The Coordinator and invited Peter to outline the history of models of conversation and their relationship to HCI. His response follows.

—Hugh Dubberly-