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Descripción Design Studies is the only journal to approach the understanding of design from comparisons across all domains of application, including engineering and product design, architectural design and planning, computer artefacts and systems design. It therefore provides a unique forum for the development and discussion of fundamental aspects of design activity and experience, from cognition and methodology to values and philosophy. The journal reports new research and scholarship in principles, procedures and techniques relevant to the practice, management and pedagogy of design. As the concept of design becomes increasingly important, it is vital for researchers, educators and practising designers to stay abreast of the latest research and new ideas in this rapidly growing field; with its truly interdisciplinary coverage, Design Studies meets these needs with maximum effect. The journal reports on new developments, techniques, knowledge and applications in the practice of design, as well as design education: how design techniques may be taught, the approach to ill-defined problems and the impact of new technologies. Coverage includes design management, design methods, participation in planning and design, design education, AI and computer aids in design, design in engineering, theoretical aspects of design, design in architecture, design and manufacturing, innovation in industry and design and society.
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