Crafting Methods in Design Research

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The School of Architecture and Design at the Pontificia Universidad de Valparaíso has a recognized trajectory founded on the connection between architecture, design, and poetry. On the other hand, the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta at the Université libre de Bruxelles has extensive experience in socio-urban field research, committed and participatory while the Faculty of Architecture at Roma Tre University offers expertise in socio-ecological processes and design. From these epistemological and methodological perspectives, which are very different but complementary, dialogues and exchanges of experiences will be developed among professors, researchers, doctoral candidates, and master students to complement and enrich the research programs related to research methodologies linked to practice and projection.

This seminar aims to present various research tools used in design and architecture to inform the discipline and to expose ideas on how and when to use them effectively. The seminar invites postgraduate students to take a critical look at the methods they have used or will use in their research proposals. We hope that the presentations will offer different approaches and uses of qualitative and/or quantitative methods to have a space for discussing design research through various case studies and positions, which will contribute to the exploration of new methods and tools for research in design and architecture.

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  • 09:00_ Opening MAD | Herbert Spencer
  • 09:15_ Introduction | Geoffrey Grulois | Daniela Salgado
  • 09:30_ Michele Capozzoli, Giada Mancini | NEORURALAND, The ecovillage as a rural-urban hybridisation tool
  • 09:45_ Mia-Sue Carrère | Zoom in - Zoom out on Extractive Urbanism: Visualization of Landscape Transformations in the Norte Chico Region through Industrial Nomads
  • 10:00_ Giordana Panella, Giancarlo Scarascia Mugnozza | OSTIENSE BIOCLIMATICA: Strategies for the urban energy transition
  • 10:15_ Diego Apablaza | Adaptation of irregular sites in flood zones: Urban planning for Laguna Verde
  • 10:30_ Coffee Break
  • 10:50_ Federico Marchese, Emilia Nardella, Sofia Nicoletti Altimari | Rome Suffero and Infero
  • 11:05_ Francisca Oñate | Understand and re-conceptualize the cuaderno-bitácora designing a digital visualization
  • 11:20_ Marcelo López | Children’s Gardens of the 1960s in Chile: Urban Integration Projects Viewed from Classroom to Neighborhood
  • 11:35_ Paula Olmedo | Ludic Module Choreographic Maze. Kinesthetic experience for the cognitive-motor stimulation of early childhood
  • 11:50_ Coffee Break
  • 12:05_ Conclusions | Álvaro Mercado
  • 12:20_ Keynote Speaker | Marco Ranzato “Floating Urbanism”

Download Seminar Booklet: Archivo:Booklet-Crafting-Methods.pdf

NombreCrafting Methods in Design Research
OrganizadoresÁlvaro Mercado, Daniela Salgado, Geoffrey Grulois, Ludivine Damay
LugarEscuela de Arquitectura y Diseño PUCV
Tipo de EventoSeminario
Palabras Claveinvestigación, research, methods, métodos
Fuente de FinanciamientoWBI Internacional"WBI Internacional" is not in the list (CORFO, FONDECYT, FONDEF, PUCV DII, PUCV DDCyF, PUCV Interno Escuela, FONDART, MECESUP, otro, CONICYT, ...) of allowed values for the "Fuente de Financiamiento" property.
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TítuloCrafting Methods in Design Research
Palabras Clavediseño, metodología, design research, design research practice
Carreras RelacionadasArquitectura, Diseño, Magíster
LíneaFormación y Oficio
ModalidadAsociado (interuniversitario)
Investigador ResponsableÁlvaro Mercado, Daniela Salgado, Geoffrey Grulois, Ludivine Damay
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