Computational Information Design

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TítuloComputational Information Design
AutorBen Fry
Tipo de PublicaciónTesis Doctoral
EditorialMIT Press
Palabras ClaveVisualización de Información, Gráfica Digital
Carrera(s)Diseño Gráfico
Asignaturas RelacionadasGráfica Digital
Cursos RelacionadosVisualización Gráfica, Visualización y Representación Cartográfica, Gráfica Digital 2011, Gráfica Digital 2012
NotaThe ability to collect, store, and manage data is increasing quickly, but our ability to understand it remains constant. In an attempt to gain better understanding of data, fields such as information visualization, data mining and graphic design are employed, each solving an isolated part of the specific problem, but failing in a broader sense: there are too many unsolved problems in the visualization of complex data. As a solution, this dissertation proposes that the individual fields be brought together as part of a singular process titled Computational Information Design