British Journal of Learning Disabilities

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Nombre British Journal of Learning Disabilities
Editorial Wiley
País Reino Unido
Idioma Inglés
Palabras Clave British Journal of Learning Disabilities, learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, intellectual impairment, intellectual disability, learning disability, mental retardation, learning disabled, intellectually disabled, mentally retarded, developmental disability, cognitively disabled, cognative disability, mentally handicapped, mental handicap, mentally challenged
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The British Journal of Learning Disabilities is an interdisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal which aims to be the leading journal in the learning disability field. It is the official Journal of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. It encompasses contemporary debate/s and developments in research, policy and practice that are relevant to the field of learning disabilities. It publishes original refereed papers, regular special issues giving comprehensive coverage to specific subject areas, and especially commissioned keynote reviews on major topics. In addition, there are reviews of books and training materials, and a letters section.