Being Crossed by the Territory

De Casiopea

TítuloBeing Crossed by the Territory
AutorÁlvaro Mercado, Igor Fracalossi
FiliaciónPontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Tipo de PublicaciónInédito, Artículo en Revista Académica
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Área de InvestigaciónExtensión, Ciudad y Habitabilidad
LíneaCiudad y Extensión
Carreras RelacionadasArquitectura, Diseño, Magíster

Contemporary understanding of the world is virtually the outcome of modern travel-writing, thus being a catalyst for transculturation and the means to invent continents and buildings through paradigms and canons transferred from global centres to peripheries. As Mary Louise Pratt claims, the journey is controversial since, following Western traditions, it has embodied both the ontological experience of liberation and creativity of the visitor and the domination and erosion of the visited. This critical viewpoint raises questions about whether this imprint of travelling might be perpetuated nowadays through expert knowledge that leaves the classroom to be embedded in other places and cultures. Against this background, this contribution aims to position the journeys called Travesias, designing experiences performed in the South American hinterland, led by architect Fabio Cruz together with professors and students of the Valparaiso School of Chile as an alternative way to embrace the journey from a poetic and epistemological position within the field of architecture and urban design. Accordingly, by examining historical documents (1965-1988), this contribution demonstrates how the iteration of situated artistic practices, collectively performed in the South American hinterland, provides design tools that challenge the prescribed knowledge relationships that the modern journey bears between educators/students and otherness.